Monticello Vineyards Oak Knoll Napa Valley Syrah 2014

The Corley family owns and manages some of the finest vineyard properties in the world, including Monticello Estate. The 80 acre property in Napa Valley has been a destination for fine wine lovers and visitors from around the world since the 1980’s. Monticello believes that great wine begins in the vineyard. 

Founder, Jay Corley, was guided by a set of values that went beyond business models or even the making of the wine itself. He believed in the worth and dignity of hands-on physical labor, and of personally crafting something that would last through the generations. 

Since Jay’s retirement in 1996, the second-generation Corleys have continued to carry forward his legacy. They pride themselves on working hard every day to create the most outstanding wines possible, and with sustainable growing practices they honor the earth that gives life to the grapes. They see themselves not as property owners but as stewards of the land for many generations to come. 

The Syrah vines are planted at the Knollwood Vineyard just ‘across the road’ from the main estate. The planting design has provided very well-balanced grapevines and coupled with meticulous farming practices, has produced excellent fruit quality. Upon first opening, this wine has a spicy forest floor tone to the nose which evolves into dark and peppery blackberry fruit aromas. These aromas are enhanced by toasted vanilla and caramel notes. A full-bodied mid-palate wine with well-structured tannins frame the wine nicely to the finish. The finish itself is long, with medium grain tannins and lingering flavors of boysenberry, blackberry, pepper and vanilla. 

Syrah is a bold fruity wine which pairs well with bold seasonings, flavors, and grilling preparations. A rich roasted leg of lamb will be perfect to keep you warm on these cold winter nights. The fat in the lamb helps smooth out the high tannins in the wine creating a smoother finish on the palate. Roasted mushrooms, olives, and eggplant make great sides as they are complex flavors that can stand up to the pepper notes in the wine. 

Jennie Kaplan Woodson – December 2020

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