Leitmotif “Cuvee Amiliana” White Rhone Blend 2018

Santa Barbara$32 (Wine Club Reorder Price $28) Aside from his 264 followers on Instagram, Leitmotif is virtually nonexistent. He doesn’t have a website, no tasting room, no winery. I came across his Instagram page and “slid in his DMs” asking if he does wholesale at all — p.s., he doesn’t. We’re very lucky to beContinue reading “Leitmotif “Cuvee Amiliana” White Rhone Blend 2018″

Churchill Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

Knights Valley, Sonoma County $89 (Wine Club Reorder Price $80) This is a non-Napa Cabernet Sauvignon that freaking rocks! I hate to admit, I am a bit of a Napa Cab snob and can get very particular with this grape. It’s rare that we try a Cabernet from a different CA wine region that couldContinue reading “Churchill Cabernet Sauvignon 2013”

Dalecio Pinot Noir 2016

Sonoma Coast$95 (Wine Club Reorder Price $85) There are brand new Phillipe Melka wines on the block and we are blown away by their inaugural releases. Melka is similar to Thomas Rivers Brown in that they both consult for over 30 different wineries. They are the top dogs in Napa and Sonoma right now andContinue reading “Dalecio Pinot Noir 2016”

Korbin Kameron Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

Moon Mountain, Sonoma County$40 (Wine Club Reorder Price $35) Korbin Kameron was a family endeavor. Years ago on a drive through the Sonoma Valley, owner Mitchell Ming and his family came upon a homestead hovering high above the valley floor, so high that the land lived above the clouds. The house looked over acres andContinue reading “Korbin Kameron Cabernet Sauvignon 2016”

McKahn Family􏰀 Cellar􏰁 Mo􏰂urvedre 2018

Liv􏰃ermore Valle􏰀y$42 (Wine Clu􏰂b Reorder Price $36) Do you ever get bored drinking the same wine over and over again? Ever find yourself looking for fun alternatives? 􏰄t can be tricky branching out from your tried and true favorites, so let me be your guide to a new and delicious grape: Mourvedre. 􏰄If you loveContinue reading “McKahn Family􏰀 Cellar􏰁 Mo􏰂urvedre 2018”