Union Sacre’s Sneak Peak: “Clandestin” Cabernet Franc

For those in our Red Wine Club, we have a special sneak peak for you! Xavier Arnaudin of Union Sacre has a quick guided tasting for you of their 2018 “Clandestin” Cabernet Franc from Santa Barbara!

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Every bottle of Union Sacre is a story of unlikely friendship, one that stretches across the globe. They like to say that they are “C’est une cave faite par 2 amis pour le meilleur et pour le pire,”  or, in english: “A winery made by 2 friends, for better or worse.” 

Union Sacre’s (the sacred union) is made by “two friends” as mentioned above, one French, one American, both with “day jobs” at excellent artisan wineries in Southern California. Xavier Arnaudin is Assistant Winemaker at Sans Liege (maker of “The Offering”), before that with Barrel 27, Herman Story and Arcadian. Philip Muzzy has been working with Proof Wine Collective and designing labels for Herman Story, Sans Liege, and Desparada.

The label is also an homage to the region they love so much: Alsace. Each wine is distinctly in Alsactians style, but with their rich Santa Barbara fruit. The result is something beautifully unique. 

The wine you’re about to pour into your glass is actually something extra special: the 2018 Cladestin Cabernet Franc. We’ll let them explain why: “Our daily work is with Cabernet Franc, and we are under contract to never produce a Cabernet Franc under Union Sacre, but in the heat of the harvest moments, sometimes the temptation is too much. In those moments Le Clandestin is born.” Sometimes, despite our best intentions, destiny intervenes. 

This gorgeous Cabernet Franc is full of earthy fruit notes, both on the palate and the nose: brambly blueberry, plum, violet, and black pepper. Rich and full with that perfect Cabernet Franc edge. It is unfined and unfiltered, leaving a huge complex experience on the palate.

To  balance the fruit and and earth notes, we’ve found that pork pairs best with this Cab Franc. Try a Rosemary Garlic Pork Roast, top with gravy or a fruit compote and you’ve got yourself a meal worth inviting your friends over for. This wine makes a beautiful centerpiece and it’s worth sharing with those you love (or save it all for yourself, we promise not to tell!)

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