Phamus Wines White Blend 2019

Napa Valley
$40 (Wine Club Reorder Price: $36)

This month we’re featuring another of the under-the-radar wines we love to discover and share with our club members.

The name of the brand is Phamus. When said with an accent, it sounds like the word famous. Founder Chris Klein feels that his wife has always been his strongest supporter and proponent, and as a tribute, he dedicated it all to her. Her maiden name was Pham and now, she is “Phamus” for it. His wines are hand-crafted masterpieces of pride and joy.

Chris is a Napa Valley native, having grown up in St. Helena. His family has been in Napa Valley since 1963 and involved in the wine industry for many years. An aunt worked for Grgich Hills, and his parents founded Allora Vineyards in 1997. Chris started enjoying wine at a young age and learned all aspects of winery operations from his siblings and parents. Chris learned winemaking from Allora’s winemaker at the time, Ruidy Zuidema. Now, Chris oversees winemaking for Phamus Wines with Rudy as his consulting winemaker.

Chris picked and crushed the first “Phamus” grapes in 2016 and launched Phamus. In 2020, he also branched out to launch a line of beers. And last, but not least, Phamus Spirits will be arriving soon. As a very small producer in Napa Valley, Phamus Wines produces only 150 to 200 cases each year in small batches of only one or two barrels at a time.

The 2019 Phamus White Blend is a crisp Sauvignon Blanc blend. You may notice flavors of crisp green apples with hints of passion fruit and hibiscus. Perfectly balanced with bright acidity and aromas of cut grass.

We find that crisp sauvignon blanc pairs well with lighter meats or fish dishes including pork, turkey, chicken, crab, or halibut. Excellent cheese pairings include goat cheese, burrata, or feta. I always recommend enjoying a crisp white wine such as this with Asian foods like Thai or Vietnamese. The crispness of the wine enhances and elevates the flavors and spices. Enjoy!

Todd Wheeler – February 2022

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