Opaque Malbec 2019

Paso Robles
$29 (Wine Club Reorder: $26)

The success of Opaque comes from the tenacity of The Riboli Family and their strong belief in crafting the finest artisan wines. The family’s beginnings date back to 1917 when they opened San Antonio Winery in Downtown Los Angeles. Since then, the family has been blessed with four generations contributing to their vision of excellence, expansion up the coastline, and prosperity across the Golden State.

The team at Riboli includes fourth-generation family winemaker Anthony Riboli, head winemaker Arnaud Debons, winemaker Ben Mayo, and vineyard manager Lee Alegre. All four have decades of experience in the industry and bring focus and professionalism to all aspects of the process from vineyard management to the winemaking itself.

“The word ‘opaque’ means “impenetrable to light” and refers to the dark, inky, impenetrable color of the family’s Malbec. Originally from Cahors Southwest of France, Malbec is now mainly planted in Argentina. We were so impressed by this wine from our estate vineyard in Paso Robles, that we bottled it without any blending.” – Opaque

The 2019 Opaque Malbec features flavors and aromas of Blackberry, Plum, and Black Cherry, as well as Oak, Vanilla, and perhaps Chocolate. You may also pick up some hints of spice and savory notes.

As a full-bodied wine, Malbec pairs well with full-flavored foods. However, unlike more tannic Cabernet Sauvignon, it pairs quite well with leaner meats. Try it with lamb, dark meat turkey or roasted pork. Malbec often pairs well with blue cheese, so I’d go with a burger topped with a sharp, creamy blue cheese.

Amy Ryan – January 2022

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