Union Sacre “Nouvelle” Sylvaner 2020

Santa Maria Valley
$32 (Wine Club Reorder Price $28)

First things first, we need to talk about what the heck Sylvaner is. If you’ve not sipped Sylvaner before, you’re not alone. This white grape originated in Central Europe as the offspring of Österreichisch Weiss and Traminer, two relatively obscure varieties. Cultivated in the Middle Ages, Sylvaner migrated from the Austrian Empire into Germany, where it took up permanent residence. The grape then hitchhiked over to Alsace, France, where it established a second home.

Sylvaner is light and refreshing and a great alternative to Rosé. It’s the perfect companion for salads, tapas, shellfish and grilled fishes (essentially, it will pair perfectly with all your Summertime meals!).

Union Sacre wines are made by two friends from different continents, Xavier and Philip, who arrived at the Central Coast from opposite ends of the Earth. Xavier is a WSET certified, oenology degree holder from France, Philip is a self-taught designer from Michigan. Between the two of them, Xavier and Philip have 25+ years experience working in Central Coast wineries. Xavier has been cellar master or assistant winemaker for some of the Central Coasts most luminous wineries and Philip cut his teeth at Proof Wine Collective.

We’ve featured a few of their wines at our shop before as well as in previous wine clubs so this label may not be a new one for a few of you. What is new, is their focus on only Alsatian varieties. They have built a passion around grapes that are made in the great Alsace, France, for example, Pinot Blanc, Gewurztraminer, Sylvaner, and Riesling to name a few.

Only 247 cases were made of the Nouvelle, which you can think of as ‘the new girl in town’. Her anonymity piques your curiosity, much like this unfamiliar Alsation noble varietal, Sylvaner. When you sip you might taste flavors of green apple, thyme, and a bright minerality. This is made in a dry style so pair it with your favorite fish dish.

Taylor Morgan – June 2021

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