Alma de Cattleya Sauvignon Blanc 2020

Sonoma County
$24 (Wine Club Reorder Price: $21)

Bibiana González Rave crafts her wines to showcase the splendor of California. Currently focusing on Sonoma County and Napa Valley, each glass embodies the soul of the vineyards, orchards, and farms that make up this bucolic California landscape. Bibiana cherishes the land from which her wines emerge; so much so, she wanted a way to share it with her native country of Colombia. During an annual visit home, a casual conversation among friends sparked an idea; she could bring her wine to Colombia, blending both versions of her life with the same care she uses to blend her wines. In 2012 she created her first (and more expensive) label, Cattleya, as a homage to her home country, naming it after the national flower of Colombia. Her newest venture, Alma de Cattleya, represents the soul of the land that gives life to her wines as well as her own soul put into each drop of wine that makes it to the bottle. Alma is the Spanish word for “soul”.

Bibiana’s philosophy on crafting extraordinary wines is apparent in Alma de Cattleya. Her commitment to the highest quality is evident in every sip, and she knows that fantastic wine can be had at an accessible price. The goal of Alma wines is to represent the purity of the varietals of their specific viticultural area. From rich reds to lush pinks and crisp whites, Alma wines are bright and cheerful. They are tied to each season and reflect the bountiful harvest found in farmer’s markets in her surroundings of Sonoma County and all-around California.

The 2020 Sonoma Sauvignon Blanc has zesty notes of lemon, grapefruit and citrus blossoms with a luscious finish. Bursting with notes of ripe melon, Key lime, and grapefruit, this wine is bright, refreshingly crisp, possesses ample texture, and begs for a second glass. This wine is a perfect accompaniment to everyday meals and relaxing moments.

The citrus flavors in this Sauvignon Blanc make it a great pairing with green vegetables and dishes with herbs – think salads, roast green vegetables or a delicious Pasta Pesto or Pasta Primavera.

Jennie Kaplan Woodson – May 2021

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