Stressed Vines Chardonnay 2019

Russian River Valley, Sonoma County
$40 (Wine Club Reorder Price $34)

Sometimes the best stories behind the club wines are about how we discovered them. Occasionally we stumble upon their Instagram page, maybe a wine club member introduced us to the brand, we happen to pop into their tasting room on a wine country visit, or in this case, we met on a Facebook group about boats! Our owner, Todd, and Rob, the owner of Stressed Vines, connected on Facebook not knowing they had more in common than just a shared make of boat. Next thing we know, Rob is flying out from Texas to share his wines with us at the shop.

Rob had an experience at a local wine shop (much like many of you have had at our shop) where he came in knowing that he loved wine, but wasn’t exactly sure what types of wines he specifically liked, or why. The staff took him on a wine journey and taught him the basics of wine as well as helping him understand his palate better. After leaving the wine shop Rob dreamed of retiring and buying a vineyard in New Zealand – little did he know an opportunity was right around the corner.

In 2016 Rob spent two weeks working harvest at Furthermore winery in Sonoma where he learned that one doesn’t need to physically own land to make wine – you can just buy the grapes! In those two weeks he made connections and friends with winemakers and growers who in the future became consultants for his own brand. The following year Rob decided to make his own wine, and thus Stressed Vines was born.

It’s said that stressed vines make the best wines because the harder the vine works to produce fruit, the more vibrant the flavor, the more balanced the acid, and the smoother the tannins will be. This Chardonnay comes from the Peterson Vineyard in the Russian River Valley where its proximity to the Petaluma Gap makes for cool weather and crisp breezes. Firm acidity lifts up a tightness of oak in this crisply structured, bright white. Meyer lemon, pear and white peach combine to give it a full flavored midpalate, and a richer note of crème brûlée on the finish.

With a ‘middle of the road’ Chardonnay like this, I would recommend pairing it with your favorite seafood dish. Think along the lines of crab cakes, scallops, or shrimp scampi.

Taylor Morgan – April 2021

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