Stirm Wine Co. “eøølian” Dry Riesling 2019

Kick-on Ranch, Santa Barbara County, California
$29 (Wine Club Reorder Price $26)

At Stirm Wine Company they have two simple goals that direct their operations: to present the narrative of the growing season in a delicious and transparent format, and to craft a wine with a strong foundation intended to age for decades. Every year is unique, so the vineyard and cellar practices evolve annually to adapt to the changes each season brings forth.

Ryan Stirm’s path to becoming a winemaker was not clear at first though his interests as a kid helped stir the pot in that direction. His focus on wine was sparked because of wrestling. He chose to go to Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo because they had a great wrestling team and they offered a degree in Wine and Viticulture. Soon after finding his passion he met his mentor, Justin Willett of Tyler winery, while rock climbing in Santa Barbara County. This chance meeting led to a four year endeavor as the assistant winemaker at both Tyler and Lieu Dit Winery and the rest was history!

So why Riesling? There is no obvious reason why Stirm chose Riesling, except, they love it. It’s not only their belief that this terpene-rich grape is the most dynamic, the most transparent, and the most exciting; many of the world’s top sommeliers and wine critics consider it the greatest white wine grape of all.

The “eøølian” Riesling is a revelation in dry-finished Riesling. With 0.1 g/L of residual sugar Ryan Stirm changes anybody’s expectation of cloying aromatics and sweetness. This true advocate for Riesling creates a pure, pristine, and bone-dry white wine that you want to drink. You’ll find loads of texture and puckery acidity which flows into green apple, unripe peach, and savory herbs. As Ryan likes to say, pour a big glass and get your daily dose of Vitamin R!

Riesling is one of the top food wines in the world. Because of its bright acidity, versatility, and kiss of sweetness makes it an ideal pairing for most cuisines. Skip the sake on your next sushi night and opt instead for a glass of Riesling.

Jennie Kaplan Woodson – March 2021

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