Mirror Sauvignon Blanc 2019

Rutherford, Napa Valley, California
$32 (Wine Club Reorder – $28)

Calling all Kirk Venge lovers!! This wine is ah-mazing and I am too excited to share it with you. Mirror is owned by Rick Mirer, who had a successful career playing football for Notre Dame, the 49ers, and the Raiders to name a few. Unlike some other “celebrity” wines, Rick doesn’t just stamp his name on a bottle for publicity (cough cough, Snoop Dogg). He hired a talented team to help him source quality fruit and turn it into top-of-the-line wine. This is where Kirk Venge comes in. Kirk’s an expert on making wines that put an emphasis on terrior and quality.

Kirk is best known for his winemaking style of “making wine in the vineyard.” He focuses on showcasing the site specific terrior in each bottle, which is why each different wine he makes is so unique and delicious. If you’ve ever visited our tasting room, you have more than likely tried a wine by Kirk Venge – probably his Venge or Croix labels. His Venge Sauvignon Blanc has been a longtime favorite around here, and I hope this Mirror Sauvignon Blanc will follow in its footsteps.

Kirk works hard to attentively develop the highest quality fruit that each vineyard can produce, making for some incredible values with great complexity. I have NO idea how this wine only costs $32 because it comes from the Beckstoffer Melrose Vineyard in Rutherford, which is very expensive due to the high- quality reputation behind the Beckstoffer name. By no means am I complaining, but it’s just another reason why this wine is going to be your new daytime drinkin’ favorite.

You know, it’s not only great reds that are grown on Rutherford Dust…this white, quite literally, stands next to them. Beautiful, bright, bursting, the 2019 Mirror Sauvignon Blanc invites with scents of fresh cut grass, crisp honeydew, and just a touch of green apple. Delicate, but not diminutive, this white will pair well with spicy ceviche or rémoulade-topped calamari, but let’s not forget the greatest Sauvingon Blanc pairing of all time: oysters.

Taylor Morgan – February 2021

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