Together Wine Co. Napa Valley Red Blend 2015

First and foremost, you need to know that this winery is no longer in existence. So if you take a sip of this Red Blend and you love it, which I hope you do, be sure to place your reorder now because we have the last little bit of it.

Together Wine Co. was a small, boutique family-owned winery owned by husband and wife Matt and Ryan Pruess. You might recognize Matt from his appearances on TV shows like HGTV’s Landscapers Challenge and Outer Spaces. His full time business is Landscaping down in Southern California.

Their winery was inspired by Matt’s late mother and the memories they made together over a glass of wine. She unfortunately was diagnosed with cancer, so they donate a portion of their proceeds to early stage women’s cancer research as an honorable mission to help others.

I love this wine because it’s unique, it’s not often you see a Napa Valley Grenache Blend, or a good one for that matter. It has those big, luscious fruit flavors that will warm you up on a cool winter evening and with a little extra bottle aging all those complex flavors that were hidden upon initial release are coming through beautifully right now. 75% Grenache, 20% Petite Sirah, 5% Mourvedre.

So, pop open this bottle and share it with someone you love – because there are few things better than drinking good wine together.

Taylor Morgan – December 2020

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