Sans Maison “Sundowner Boys” Paso Robles White Blend 2017

Included in: Sampler Club & White Club – October 2020
Regularly $36. Club member re-order: $32

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Sans Maison literally translates to “without house” but owner and winemaker Nick Elliot believes it represents wanderlust and making your home wherever you are. This is what Sans Maison represents: an adventurous wine endeavor. 

“Farmed from a variety of sought-after vineyards throughout California’s Central Coast, the fruit for each Sans Maison bottling is a beautiful gathering of sites. Each year, when winemaker Nick Elliott tastes through his barrels there are alway a handful that intrigue and entice him. These barrels are set aside, thought about constantly and finally crafted to find a home within Sans Maison.” 

Nick learned the value of hard work growing up. The lessons learned then have guided his passion for winemaking ever since. He understands that to do something right, one must start at the source. For Nick, the guiding philosophy behind his wines is that the source is the vineyard, where he can often be found when he’s not at the winery. 

Nick arrived in Paso Robles at 19 years old with zero wine experience. He learned the business from the ground up wearing many hats while working for a handful of the region’s top winemakers and absorbing everything he could about winemaking. He started at the bottom scrubbing floors and barrels, shoveling grapes, and punching down tanks. He learned to tackle any job and do anything necessary to ensure the wines are crafted and cellared with the utmost care. His adventurous spirit and affinity for unique flavors are the main inspiration for the wines of Sans Maison. 

“At the end of the day, we give thanks. Thanks to our family, our friends, the laughter of kids dreaming of becoming astronauts, and the sun setting to the West resting up for a brand-new day. Pour yourself a glass of Sundowner, and give cheers to the day behind and the one ahead.” – The Sundowner Boys 2017 White Rhone Blend 

There is nothing to be scared of this Halloween with a glass of this Viognier, Marsanne, Roussanne Blend and a pack of Nerds. The orange blossom and nectar notes add a touch of sweetness to those tiny sugar bombs. The Nerds are inherently sour and then sweet which perfectly perks up your taste buds with a glass of this Paso Robles white blend. 

Jennie Kaplan Woodson – October 2020

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