Canard Estate “Throwback” Calistoga Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

Included in: Reserve Club – September 2020

Regularly $80. Club member re-order: $72

Rich (“Duck”) and Carolyn Czapleski searched for an eternity to find the perfect vineyard with the correct climate and soil to grow the red varietals that they needed for world class wine. In 1983 the quest finally came to an end when they purchased Canard Vineyard in Calistoga, CA. Carolyn, a master gardener and interior designer then transformed the historic home and surrounding grounds into something magical. A true gentleman, Rich immediately got his hands dirty tending to the vines. His philosophy was simple, “If you take care of the vines, the vines will take care of you”. The past thirty-five years Rich has been doing exactly that, and allowing the natural terroir to influence the distinctive characteristics of the wine. 

Situated on the Northwest corner of Dunaweal Lane and the iconic Silverado Trail in Calistoga sits the twenty-five acre property, considered a historic vineyard in the Napa Valley. The original estate was the homestead of Reason P. Tucker, who gained notoriety for leading the efforts to rescue the survivors of the ill-fated Donner Party. The residence, built in 1859, quickly became the center of social activity in the area during the late 1800’s. Zinfandel was originally planted on the estate over 135 years ago. Remarkably those dry farmed vines still stand, yielding a small quantity of incredibly elegant fruit which goes into the highly coveted Estate and Estate Reserve Zinfandel. Since then Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot and of course Cabernet Sauvignon were planted. 

Each year Canard produces nine single vineyard wines, each one expressing the remarkable complexities of the estate’s unique terroir. The wines are all produced from sustainably grown, dry farmed grapes which are skillfully transformed into the finest expression of each varietal. Canard is special in that they are dedicated to creating wines of distinction with an emphasis on quality over quantity, thus only producing 1,800 cases per year. 

Wine club manager, Taylor, visited Duck and his pig Peaches at the estate this Summer and said “It was the best winery experience I’ve had in awhile. We were sitting in Duck’s backyard by his pool sipping on his wines while staring out into the vines which they came from. Normally these wines are allocated to Country Clubs in Florida and Texas, but due to Covid-19, well, you know the story. But – he promised us that by showing support to him now that he will always save a little bit for B&V club members. Amazing guy, amazing wines, be sure to drink now and stock up for later!”

The 2016 “Throwback” Calistoga Cabernet Sauvignon is exclusive – with only 225 cases produced. This Cabernet is a dominant proprietary blend highlighting big Napa Valley fruit, and is balanced with great restraint in the traditional “Left Bank” Bordeaux style. It is a very elegant wine with hints of rose petals, black currant, Asian spice, and crushed clove dominating the nose. Full bodied with a velvety finish of black fruits, vanilla bean, and frankincense. The rich flavor and high tannin content makes it the perfect partner to a rich grilled Filet Mignon steak with a black peppercorn sauce – dishes with a very high flavor profile. 

Jennie Kaplan Woodson – September 2020

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