UNTI “Segromigno” Dry Creek Valley Sangiovese Blend 2018

Included in: Red Club & Sampler Club – September 2020


Regularly $39. Club member re-order: $35

􏰋􏰇􏰔􏰁􏰌􏰏􏰋􏰊􏰈􏰌􏰍􏰋􏰇􏰌30 years of incredible winemaking make up the history of Unti Vineyards in Healdsburg, CA. As obsessive wine fanatics, this family owned and operated winery specializes in Mediterranean style wines with vineyard personality. Mick and father George Unti co-founded the winery with the belief that the world’s best wine grapes come from vineyards where the vines are naturally adapted to their environment. This belief has led to planting several varietals that heretofore have not been grown in the Dry Creek Valley but are prominently planted in Southern Europe. Mick and George are avid consumers of Italian, French, Spanish, and German wine, which is the reason they are not afraid to make wines from grapes not commonly grown in California. 

Winemaker Jason Valenti’s interest in wine stemmed from his move to the Bay Area to return to the restaurant industry and pursue a degree in Viticulture and Enology from U.C. Davis. His first cellar job was with Paul Hobbs Winery which evolved into a full-time Enologist position. After a brief sabbatical he returned to become winemaker for CrossBarn Winery (Paul Hobbs “everyday” label) and transformed CrossBarn from a secondary label into a revered brand with dedicated vineyards, state of the art facility and staff. With meticulous technical experience under his belt, Jason breached into European varietals and joined Unti Vineyards in 2015. He looks forward to continuing top-tier winemaking and continuing Unti’s quest to produce Rhône and Italian varietals from the Dry Creek Valley estate. 

The 2018 “Segromigno” Dry Creek Valley Sangiovese Blend is derived from 73% Sangiovese grapes, and 27% Montepulciano grapes. 2018 is an excellent vintage for this blend of Central Italian grapes. Thanks to better farming practices, such as more extensive crop thinning, and scrutiny of the vineyard blocks used, Segromigno 2018 vintage is more complex than previous vintages. The cool August resulted in a longer hang time for the fruit which resulted in a deep colored and intense wine with great natural acidity. This wine is special as it can be enjoyed now but will also gracefully age for several years (3-5) to come much like a Chianti. 

The high acidity in this wine makes it versatile with a wide variety of vegetable and spice driven foods. Anything grilled will go amazing with the Segromigno, some of our favorites are tomatoes, Italian sausages, and red peppers. This wine will be a crowd favorite when paired with a Sunday barbeque of smoked Andouille sausage and grilled vegetables. 

Jennie Kaplan Woodson – September 2020

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