Peter Paul “Mille Frères” Sneak Peak

We have some lucky Wine Club members this month. We have *another* video Sneak Peak for you! This time it’s Peter Paul’s “Mille Frères” 2018 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir!

Enjoy! 🍷

Try to restrain yourself from asking “Where’s Mary?” when you open up this Pinot Noir. Mr. Peter Paul, while unrelated to the 1960s folk band, is a very generous and philanthropic man responsible for founding this small production wine label.

In addition to owning his own wine label, Peter launched the Headlands Foundation in 1995, to work to improve the standard of life for underprivileged children and their families in the Bay Area. He is a longtime supporter of many Bay Area nonprofits, including Food Bank of Marin, Marin Abused Women’s Services,  St. Vincent’s School for Boys, and Meals on Wheels to name a few. 

Martin Reyes wears many hats – one being the winemaker for Peter Paul and another being a Master of Wine. Not to be confused with the Master Sommelier, the top restaurant-based (and better-known in the USA) credential, a Master of Wine holds the most respected title in the world for the production, business, and handling of wine. Martin started with Peter Paul in 2016, and his first 2016 vintage of Napa Cabernet was rated “Top 100 under $100” in Wine & Spirits magazine – not bad!

I am personally a big fan of Peter Paul wines because they don’t cut corners, they don’t pinch pennies, and their wines fall nothing short of top quality because of it. This Pinot is sourced from a few different prestigious vineyards from all over Sonoma, all contributing their unique flavor to the wine. You’ve got the graceful texture of coastal-climate Pinot Noir with the chiseled features from the windy Petaluma Gap, and a little Russian River spice thrown in for good measure. The Mille Freres is structured and elegant with aromatics of bergamot, violet, and blueberry, along with generous flavors of boysenberry, blueberry, molasses, and cool forest floor. It’s the perfect balance between earthy and juicy.We all know that mushrooms and Pinot are a match made in heaven, but for this big, juicy wine, we wanted to take it a step further: Roasted Mushrooms stuffed with fontina, spinach, kale and pancetta. It brings together all those earthy flavors that compliment this wine so perfectly. Now that is a gourmet meal. Bon Appetite!

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