Welcome to California’s Finest.

Welcome to the Bacchus & Venus Blog!

Located in Historic Downtown Sausalito, our staff of experienced Sommeliers work tirelessly to bring you the finest vintages from California’s best boutique wineries.

The Wheelers

Founded in 2002, our mission has always been to bring amazing small production wines to those who would appreciate them most, experts and novices alike. New owners Todd and Cyndi Wheeler, have continued on that mission, and are very excited to continue bringing you the best of times with friends and family.

On this blog you’ll find everything you need to be in the know on all the best wines in California. From Eureka to Santa Barbara, we’ve got you covered. We’ll have information on special vintages, amazing winemakers, pairings and recipes, shop events (both online and in person,) and so much more. We’re even going to have a special section for our Wine Club Members!

We really wanted to create a space for people who want to dig a little deeper into the history of the bottle they’re enjoying. Trust us, when you know all the stories, it makes the wine even more delicious.

Stay tuned for more delicious wine knowledge from Bacchus & Venus!!

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Sommelier. Mixologist. Nerd.

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